About us

CURO Energy is a specialist clean energy Advisor and Asset Management company with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. We provide construction management, financial advisory and commercial operations services, and we currently manage a portfolio of energy investments in Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic and North Macedonia.

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CURO was spun out of the EnerCap group that raised (in 2007) and managed the first private equity fund in the region that focused on renewable energy. Building on its experience in fund management, the CURO Energy team is now a leading financing, commercial and techno-economic adviser covering the EU accession countries and their neighbours.

Our services


CURO’s objective is to always ensure that construction teams and the other interested parties remain on track to build a project on time, within budget and to the right standard. It does this, as an Owners Representative, by providing a hands-on, active management service with:

  • on-site project (and contract) management and issue resolution
  • technical oversight of the construction contractors and liaison with local stakeholders
  • management of the relationship between the contractors and Lender’s & Owner’s engineer


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Operations Management

  • Day to day management of external third-party Operations and Maintenance teams
  • Optimisation of maintenance work to minimise downtime, overview and monitoring of implementation of maintenance work
  • Reliability improvement planning

Financial, Commercial and Reporting

  • Coordination of accounting services providers
  • Day to day financial management, liaising with accountants, review of accounting treatment
  • Review and approval of VAT return, etc.


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The CURO team has over a decade of experience working together to execute projects from development, analysis, contract negotiation, financing, commercial agreements, construction and operations management. We assist developers, investors and banks to tie all project aspects together to achieving financial closing and ultimately Commercial Operations.  In most cases, we are involved long term with projects, although we can also assist with specific work streams to complete projects successfully including:

  1. Project Contracts
  2. Corporate PPAs
  3. Financing
  4. Enviromental and social performance management


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